Dear Friends of German Modeneser!

Welcome to our international part of the homepage.


Welkom op onze internationale gedeelte van de homepage.


Velkommen til vores internationale del af hjemmesiden.


Velkommen til vårtinternasjonale delen av hjemmesiden.


Benvenuti nella nostra parte internazionale della home page.


Bienvenue sur notre partie internationale de la page d'accueil.


Добро пожаловать в нашу международную часть домашней страницы.






We are looking forward to welcome you on our website.


This website is intended to combine the important and interesting information of all countries in order to create a stronger connection between the individual clubs and breeders and to promote a greater superegional unity.


On this page it is possible to publish news, photos and dates of all countries.


With the intention of maintaining and strengthening the international connections between the friends of German Modeneser. 


Please use our contact form or write directly to one of our contact persons.


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, webmaster of the homepage


You can use your own national language or English.


We try to make this site up-to-date and informative and look forward to your active cooperation.


The success rate for new projects often depends on positive and constructive relationships between the persons involved and will therefore be mainly between the contact partners of the individual countries and us.


So we hope to get you as inspirers and supporters, so that all breeders can use this website as a platform to ensure the survival of the German Modeneser.


There will be a solution for everything.