Modeneser for South Afric

I would like to give a report about my progress to promote the Deutsche Modeneser breed in South Africa.

After my visit to Germany during December 2013 I have imported 5 pairs. These were:


Rot gehammert x Gelbfalh Schietti und 2x Braunfahl Schimmel from Patrick Heymans.


I am trying to increase the colour variety and have so far bred Blau Gehammert Gazzi; Rothfahl ohne Binden Gazzi; Rotfahl Schietti; Braunfahl mit Binden Schietti; Blaue Schimmel Schietti; Blau ohne Binden Schietti; Blaufahl ohne Binden Gazzi und Blau mit Binden Schietti. I am also working on Rot gehammert Gazzi; Rotfahl Gazzi; Braunfahl mit braune Binden Gazzi; Braun gehammert Gazzi, Gelbfahl Gazzi & Schietti; Gelb gehammert Gazzi & Schietti; Braun ohne Binden Gazzi und Schietti.


Last year I have helped two breeders to start with this breed. This year I have help six more. We will discuss the foundation of a Sonderverrein at this year’s National all breed show in July.


I did well at the shows. Modenesers bred in South Africa was already in the top-7 champions on 4 shows in all breed competition. This means that they were amongst the seven best pigeon of all breeds. This helped to promote the breed. This is also a testimony of the quality of pigeons I started off with. For this I am very thankful to Frank, Rudi and Patrick.


To further increase the popularity of the breed and to ensure its future existence I am planning to import 4 (perhaps 6 if I can afford it) more pigeons after my visit to Germany this November/December when I will attend the exhibitions at Erfurt & Leipzig. I still need to consider two options for the first 4 pigeons:

1) Blaufahl mit sulphur Binden Gazzi x Blau bronze gehammert Gazzi und Blau mit bronze Binden Schietti x Blau bronze gehammert Schietti or

2) Blau mit Weisse Binden Gazzi x Blau hellschildig gesaumt Gazzi und Blau mit weisse Binden Schietti x hellblau Weiss gesaumt Schietti.

For the last two (if I can afford them) I am thinking of Schwartz x Andalusierfarbig of which one must be Gazzi and one Schietti.

The current importation cost is already over Euro 100 per bird and the exchange rate is over R17,00 to the Euro, which makes it a very expensive exercise. If it is at all possible, may I ask you to find breeders of good quality pigeons to donate these to the breeders in South Africa. I will pay the importation cost and the breed for one season, after which I will distribute the birds.

 I will donate 5x full three dimensional figurines in the most popular colours to the SV, to be used as awards at your exhibition. Please let me know which colours you want. Please promote my igurines, as sales of these will help me pay the importation costs.

Best greatings