Status Magnani

Multicolored (-)

Figurative the Multicolored Magnani are available in a very good quality. The body color varies from light blue-gray to brown almond. But you have to reject a too bright (whitish) or too blue body color. The more even of the distribution of color, the more valuable is the animal. The body is covered with splashes/flecks in all occurring pigeon colors. At least 3 colors must be clearly identifiable. However, white feathers are not accepted. The primaries must be drawn 3-colored, the tail feathers at least 2-colored. Therefore 1-colored primaries / tail feathers are serious errors. 1.0 is better drawn than 0.1. With increasing age the fleck design increases and darken the body color. Too large-area of 1-colored feathers (mosaic drawing) are also faulty, (as an upper limit is the size of a 2 euro coin). The heads should be somewhat fuller of substance. Pay attention to orange-red irises. Red eye ceres prevent the score of 93 points.

Stipper (-)

The Stipper has a silver-gray body color. All over the body it is distributed with black flecks. Differently colored flecks are faulty. This color impact is only exhibited in smaller collections. In principle the same demands to figure as the Multicolored.