Welcome to the Danish site

Dear breeders and friends of the German Modeneser!

It is a pleasure in an international forum to welcome you to the Danish site.


My name is Tanja Maecker. My work for the Danish Hen Pigeon Club is to be the international contact person and webmaster for the Danish website
The Danish Hen Pigeon Club


Some history

Our special club "Dansk H√łnsedueklub" (Danish Hen-pigeon-club) was established in 1946, and to day it includes Maltese, Florentine, Huhnschecken and German Modeneser.

Purpose of the club

The main purpose is promotion raised by those breeds. This particular search achieved by organizing meetings and once a year the clubs certificate exhibition and Denmark's national exhibition.


Members and breeders

Totally the club has around 40 active members, and of these there are 2 breeders of Florentine, 2 breeders of Huhnschecke, 2 breeders of Maltese. The remaining members are breeding German Modeneser.

Take a look on our website.